TPE of the Week

Week 1

Teaching Performance Expectation 1
Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

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What is the difference between asking if anyone has any questions and having the students complete an example of the new learning with a partner? "Who can tell me..." limits thinking. Multiple response strategies provide every child the opportunity to answer every question. Phrasing makes the difference. "Tell your partner..." "Using your white board, show..." What is the expected student outcome to be produced by every learner in your first lesson today? How will you know what each child accomplished? How will each child describe the learning? The completion of a worksheet is not an expected outcome. The outcome is the implementation of a concept. Thinking beyond pairing language learners with an English speaking peer, what else could be built in the lesson to support the needs of every student? When one student volunteers to answer every question, others begin to either rely on that learner or give up wanting to participate. One effective strategy is using that child to call on other volunteers.
TPE of the Week

Teachers are surrounded by the TPEs every day. Sometimes it is hard to recognize effective instructional strategies if the labels aren't familiar. The TPE of the week project is designed to deliver daily ideas to mentors and teacher candidates to increase the conversation about why teaching and learning happens.