TPE of the Week

Week 11

Teaching Performance Expectation 4
Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

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Take the opportunity to encourage vocabulary exploration. Include a discussion on where new words are found in real-world context. Ask students to work together to gather information needed to solve a problem or review information needed for an upcoming assessment. Have small groups create a "talk show" to motivate interest in researching a topic related to your current unit of study. Video the talk shows and share them with the class. Some students enjoy creating Google Slides or a PowerPoint presentation to show completion of research projects or to advertise a book that was particularly enjoyable to read. Provide choice. Create a lesson today that allows students to work with a partner to support each other in learning.
TPE of the Week

Teachers are surrounded by the TPEs every day. Sometimes it is hard to recognize effective instructional strategies if the labels aren't familiar. The TPE of the week project is designed to deliver daily ideas to mentors and teacher candidates to increase the conversation about why teaching and learning happens.