TPE of the Week

Week 13

Teaching Performance Expectation 6
Developing as a Professional Educator

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Make a list of your class roster from memory. Who are the last four names that were most difficult to remember? Why are these children invisible? How will be sure to include these children in your learning community? What roles do caregivers play in the practical application of the skills you teach? How will you involve caregivers in extending the importance of real world applications for today's learning? One of your responsibilities as an educator is to engage in reflective practice and provide opportunities for your students to do the same. How do you address this reflective responsibility on a regularly? Beginning teachers conduct themselves with integrity and model ethical conduct for themselves and others. Describe how you consistently demonstrate these qualities. Revisit the professional learning goal created during Week 6. What have you done to improve your teaching practice? Moving forward, what are your next steps?
TPE of the Week

Teachers are surrounded by the TPEs every day. Sometimes it is hard to recognize effective instructional strategies if the labels aren't familiar. The TPE of the week project is designed to deliver daily ideas to mentors and teacher candidates to increase the conversation about why teaching and learning happens.