TPE of the Week

Week 3

Teaching Performance Expectation 3
Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

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What standards did the students study this morning? How did the students with "other instructional challenges" perform? What strategy was utilized this morning that went beyond the expectations of the scripted lesson? How do the students know what standards they are studying? Why is it important? Identify one student who demonstrated the standard, one who did not and one that you are not sure of the mastery level. How will this information be reflected in your planning for tomorrow? What adaptations were made to allow your English learners to address the standards?
TPE of the Week

Teachers are surrounded by the TPEs every day. Sometimes it is hard to recognize effective instructional strategies if the labels aren't familiar. The TPE of the week project is designed to deliver daily ideas to mentors and teacher candidates to increase the conversation about why teaching and learning happens.