TPE of the Week

Week 9

Teaching Performance Expectation 2
Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

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Create a classroom newsletter that can be managed by students and sent to parents electronically. When building your classroom community, what steps encourage full membership? Which of these steps are you actively using in your teaching practice? Go out on the playground at recess or eat lunch in the cafeteria. What did you learn about your students, beyond what your learned in the classroom? A morning circle is an inclusive strategy to build a community of learners. Share the outcome of the morning circle you led today. Make a list of the strategies you have observed/practiced to
TPE of the Week

Teachers are surrounded by the TPEs every day. Sometimes it is hard to recognize effective instructional strategies if the labels aren't familiar. The TPE of the week project is designed to deliver daily ideas to mentors and teacher candidates to increase the conversation about why teaching and learning happens.